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2022 Predictions and Tips for Capturing Mobile Customers and Creating the Optimal M-Commerce Shopping Experience

Since the last holiday season m-commerce, or mobile commerce, has really taken off.

During the pandemic, US retail m-commerce sales grew 41.1% and continue to grow even as in-store sales are steadily recovering since the…

Best Practices for Fashion Retailers using AI solutions to improve Sales, Profits, and Consumer Relationships

Since 2019, online shopping has led to more sales than in-person shopping for the holiday season. This trend does not show signs of stopping and therefore it is more important than ever for fashion retailers to be looking toward the latest innovations for support.

Figure 1: Holiday Shopping Plans Among…

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Case Study: How Small Fashion Retail Businesses Are Implementing AI And Ensuring Their Brand’s Longevity

Although it is common to hear stories about big-name brands (Macy’s, Adidas, ASOS) investing in new technology, and influencing the industry at large, they aren’t the only ones at the forefront.

Small fashion retail businesses…

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Technology Trends and Benefits Changing Competition in the Fashion Industry

Perpetual Motion — Introduction

Fashion has always been an industry with quick turnaround times. Last year’s designs will hold a business back, as each company competes for relevance.

This rule of thumb undeniably carries over in regards to technological adoption…

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Schools Showcasing the Latest Advancements in Fashion Design and Technology for Better Education and Career Development

Fashion and business education share the common goal of advancing the industry. Yet, presently they run the risk of falling behind.

In 2021, industry advancements are being driven by the adoption of innovative technology…

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Expert advice for a successful 2021 holiday season with the latest mobile e-commerce topics to increase consumer sales

M-Commerce has shown impressive growth and performance since the last holiday season.

Just as e-commerce alone has revolutionized browsing with user convenience, cellular trade is the revolutionary next step of this process. Already, mobile accounts for over 67.2% of all e-commerce.

Look no further…

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From Automated Product Tagging to AI Image Recognition online, Combined Tools for the Future of Retail Experience

OMNIOUS.AI’s solutions are multifaceted approaches to solve common (and often detrimental) problems that occur from running a fashion e-commerce business.

Solving these problems takes many different approaches, each equally valuable in its own…


Our team of AI and fashion experts are transforming fashion data into actionable business intelligence. For more insight visit our website: OMNIOUS.AI

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